Red Hot Dog Days

Mandy with Shades and a inner tube

Mandy Soaking up the Summer Sun!

Friday: July 9th 2:30 PM:

Now that these sizzling summer days are upon us, don’t let the heat affect you or your pet. With some safety measures from the hot sun in place, you and your pooch can both have a fantastic fun season.
Here are some good tips to follow:

  1. Be mindful of the heat…your pet can only release heat by panting or sweat glands in his paws,so limit the amount of time that your dog spends in direct sunlight.
  2. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors be sure he is moved into shady areas often. A good rule of thumb though is don’t let your pet linger ouside if the temperature exceeds 90 degrees.
  3. With the heat affecting pavements where your pet walks be sure to check your dogs paw pads that could end up dry or cracked. If your dog is not used to the hot asphalt try applying a bit of petroleum jelly until your pet’s pads improve.
  4. During these hot days keep the water bowls filled and try putting an ice cube inside the bowl to prolong the coolness of the water.
  5. Please be sure to watch this helpful segment from CBS with great tips on how to keep your pets safe from the heat of summer!


Slurp Dog Water Bowl
Dog Drinking from Garden Hose

Sunday: July 11th 10:15 AM:

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