Pretty in Pink Contest Winner!

Arlo is the winner of our “Pretty in Pink Contest” he is a unique breed, a “Havanese” and so sweet! The owner and lucky lady of this special little pooch is Carolyn C, Portland, OR!

Congratulations Carolyn and Arlo!!

Arlo the winner of the Pretty in Pink Contest!

This dog is just too cute, and definitely darling!

These two adorable “Irish Twins”, win our second prize! They put a smile on your face and are so darned cute!
I’d like to congratulate both Denise B, IL., and her two precious little pooch’s Brandon and Tiffany!!

Irish Setters are so cute!

“Peaches’ is a very special dog. Her owner Crystal from Cleveland, OH, told us she has a “Pink Polka Dotted Tongue” making her very unique! Congratulations to both Peaches and Crystal for entering our contest and winning third place!!


Thanks to all our winners for entering our “Pretty in Pink” Contest and sharing their wonderful dog pictures with us! We’d like to thank the proud owners for providing us with pictures for the contest and to let them know we thoroughly enjoyed looking at their best friend!

Mandy was the judge for Pretty in Pink!

Mandy “Judging”

Congratulations to Arlo, Brandon & Tiffany and Peaches!!!

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