Mandy’s Summer Visits

Mom & Mandy

Mandy brings her happy smiles at the assisted home on nice summer days! She sits at the side of wheel chairs with her calm nature and enhances the quality of life for an Alzheimer’s patient. Today independent and assisted living centers promote bringing in pets. The Alzheimer’s Association says “Certainly, there’s something to all of this!”

Enjoying the summer days walking your dog daily, our brains would benefit-and so would our dogs! As dogs live longer science is learning that as Alzheimer’s disease occurs in people, so does a similar syndrome in our pets, referred to as cognitive dysfunction (CD). Moderate exercise turns out to be healthy for our heads as well as our hearts. And the same goes for our dogs! Take your dog for a walk in the “sunshine” it’s essential for your brain-and your dog’s and it’s a good time!!

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