Mandy Models!

Mandy Models

“Patriotic Mandy Gets in on the Act”

Mandy is featured in the July issue of Country Sampler magazine. Check her out stylishly posing in Decorate with Crafts on the web site at You can also purchase this issue on the web site under back issues. Isn’t she charming in her nautical look? 

Country Sampler

Get your summer style sizzling with the bright ideas and star-spangled decor inside Country Sampler’s July issue! Order your copy now to tour fabulous homes with plenty of patriotic pizzazz and see Mandy!

Sunday: August 1st 6:20 AM:

Mandy loves to visit the beach, and today we head to one.

To ensure that she doesn’t get burned I use a non-toxic sunblock with SPF30 on the inside of her ears and on her muzzle.
(Yes ! dogs need  protection too!) Watch that the sunblock doesn’t contain zinc oxide which can be harmful to your dog.

The atmosphere feels cooler by the water yet the sun is still burning your loved pet…so be careful of overexposure,especially if your dog’s coat is short or light use sunscreen . If Mandy overexerts herself I put a moist towel over her and she will immediately begin to cool off.

“So Cool Mints”

Blizzard Bones Mints

We have new for the summer “Golden Beach” Blizzard’s Bones in a collectible tin.They hold cool and refreshing breath mints in the shape of dog bones for humans. Every Design is Signed by the Artist.

Find them on .

And so these wonderful yet blistering days of summer are at our doorstep once more…May you both stay safe and enjoy!

Be Safe

“Dogs are our link to paradise they don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent.To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, when doing nothing was not boring…it was peace.”

Visit Paws Chicago at Go all paws out!

Paws Chicago

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