Mandy Croozin

Mandy Croozin

Our last “dog days” of summer and it’s a beautiful day for a car ride! Mandy loves to go and enjoy the car ride. Her favorite is a ride in an older Mustang convertible. It was her very first car ride in the Mustang when we took her home from the shelter, and she loved the wind beneath her wings!

Some safety tips for dogs in cars:

On any given day, it is not uncommon to see dogs hanging their heads out of car windows…remember that dogs do enjoy this but regardless how happy this might make your dog safety comes first! Since hanging its head out of a car window, debris from the road can injure a dog’s eyes, nose and mouth. A loose dog can easily distract the driver, and can be injured by an airbag. Keeping your dog in the back will decrease the likelihood of a distraction-related accident and keep your dog safer in a crash. Your best bet is to find the right restraint for your dog and increase his odds of survival in a car crash. And, most importantly of all, drive safe!

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