Decked Out for the Drive

Mandy is ready for her trip!

Mandy ready for her trip!

Mandy hitting the road

Hit the road…

Your furry friend loves to travel just like you do.

Here’s some simple tips to keep your vacation fun and safe:

When in a park or public area, keep your pet on a leash and don’t allow him to wander.
Make sure he has a secure collar with a tag that contains contact information in case you become separated.(We love them and don’t want to lose them).
While you and your pet are playing it “cool” for the summer, check out some fun dog parks in your area.
Find one in your area at dog parks USA…another good site is if your looking for a “Pet Hotel” this site offers numerous Hotel listings and for lodges, beaches, parks and other activities with your dog. It also gives various information on airline pet travels.

For petfriendly campgrounds in the U.S. ,state and county parks, private campgrounds and national recreation areas try or for listings broken down by individual states there is with many ideas for a wonderful trip for you and your favorite pooch.

Let your dog stretch

Hint: Take a break from driving and let you and your pet stretch a little now and then.

And how about those most annoying pests to your friend such as fleas ticks and mosquitoes.
The warmer climates are ideal breeding grounds for them.Treat you canine with a product that’s not only designed to kill fleas ticks and mosquitoes, but one that kills their eggs and larvae, too…also treat your home environment from infestation.

Check out one that Mandy uses:

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