Mandy Croozin

Mandy Croozin

Our last “dog days” of summer and it’s a beautiful day for a car ride! Mandy loves to go and enjoy the car ride. Her favorite is a ride in an older Mustang convertible. It was her very first car ride in the Mustang when we took her home from the shelter, and she loved the wind beneath her wings!

Some safety tips for dogs in cars:

On any given day, it is not uncommon to see dogs hanging their heads out of car windows…remember that dogs do enjoy this but regardless how happy this might make your dog safety comes first! Since hanging its head out of a car window, debris from the road can injure a dog’s eyes, nose and mouth. A loose dog can easily distract the driver, and can be injured by an airbag. Keeping your dog in the back will decrease the likelihood of a distraction-related accident and keep your dog safer in a crash. Your best bet is to find the right restraint for your dog and increase his odds of survival in a car crash. And, most importantly of all, drive safe!

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Saturday in the Park

Hannah & MandyIt’s the perfect summer  Saturday and “Farmer’s Markets” are abound with fresh produce! Dogs on leashes are welcome and Mandy loves to meet other dogs at the park. Our local Farmer’s Market has music playing in a Gazebo and nearby farms that bring organic and fresh vegetables and fruit! Continue reading

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Dog Day Afternoon

Tikki Bar On AngelsDog Day Afternoon???????????????????????????????On Angels Wings TentA Dogs Day Afternoon event was at On Angels’ Wings Pet Rescue and Thrift Shop! It was a very hot day, but it was spent with many dogs enjoying their free cooling baths, nail clippings and booths featuring different dog products for sale for a great fun day! Mandy really enjoyed meeting all her new friends! Continue reading

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Mandy’s Summer Visits

Mom & Mandy

Mandy brings her happy smiles at the assisted home on nice summer days! She sits at the side of wheel chairs with her calm nature and enhances the quality of life for an Alzheimer’s patient. Today independent and assisted living centers promote bringing in pets. The Alzheimer’s Association says “Certainly, there’s something to all of this!”

Enjoying the summer days walking your dog daily, our brains would benefit-and so would our dogs! As dogs live longer science is learning that as Alzheimer’s disease occurs in people, so does a similar syndrome in our pets, referred to as cognitive dysfunction (CD). Moderate exercise turns out to be healthy for our heads as well as our hearts. And the same goes for our dogs! Take your dog for a walk in the “sunshine” it’s essential for your brain-and your dog’s and it’s a good time!!

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Mandy Easter Parade

Dog Crown and CapeMandy’s featured in the Antioch Easter parade!

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Mandy Models!

Mandy Models

“Patriotic Mandy Gets in on the Act”

Mandy is featured in the July issue of Country Sampler magazine. Check her out stylishly posing in Decorate with Crafts on the web site at You can also purchase this issue on the web site under back issues. Isn’t she charming in her nautical look?  Continue reading

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Decked Out for the Drive

Mandy is ready for her trip!

Mandy ready for her trip!

Mandy hitting the road

Hit the road…

Your furry friend loves to travel just like you do. Continue reading

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Red Hot Dog Days

Mandy with Shades and a inner tube

Mandy Soaking up the Summer Sun!

Friday: July 9th 2:30 PM:

Now that these sizzling summer days are upon us, don’t let the heat affect you or your pet. With some safety measures from the hot sun in place, you and your pooch can both have a fantastic fun season.
Here are some good tips to follow: Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink Contest Winner!

Arlo is the winner of our “Pretty in Pink Contest” he is a unique breed, a “Havanese” and so sweet! The owner and lucky lady of this special little pooch is Carolyn C, Portland, OR!

Congratulations Carolyn and Arlo!!

Arlo the winner of the Pretty in Pink Contest!

This dog is just too cute, and definitely darling! Continue reading

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Think Poochy Pink

Mandy's Mudroom Pink Photo Contest Mandy is thinking Poochy Pink!

Mandy Rocks!!!

Wednesday: May 12th 7:30 A.M.

Summer will be fast approaching, and Mandy’s busy working out for raising
money once again in the “Bark for Life” cancer walk for the American Cancer Society.
It will be in late summer,but she needs to get in shape for her walk! Continue reading

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